Use Cases

Matchmaking can be applied to every service industry. All human interactions are based on trust. Matchpool allows members to utilise their trust and reputation.


People once lacked the ability to utilize trust among connections. Matchpool brings the trust of blockchain to dating, clubs, recruitment, education, health and more.


There are tons of possibilities for bloggers and content creators on Matchpool. Anybody can start a pool about their content to drive more exposure.


Startup ventures can leverage the Matchpool platform to find like minded community members. This way they can grow their slack and telegram channels organically.


Matchpool can bring together eligible people who are looking for friendships and relationships. Specific niche communities will attract people with mutual interests.


Matchpool can attract salesmen and agents. Over time, Matchpool will also generate clients and provide opportunities for recruiters and employees to connect.


Matchpool can offer people with health conditions a chance to connect and get diagnosed by medical professionals that can alleviate their symptoms.


Members of Matchpool can setup and discuss various charity communities. Charities can engage with their supporters and and also focus on maximising contributions via subscriptions.


Joining Matchpool will give artists and musicians the ability to share or sell their art and music with their fans. Fans can also meet each other inside an artist’s pool.

Membership Clubs

Clubs can use Matchpool to bring together competitive groups who might not otherwise share insights and arrangements. Once enough groups have joined, contests can begin and individuals can set up their own competitions.

Say Hello to Guppy

Guppy tokens, also know as GUP, are used to make payments inside the Matchpool app. Guppy tokens can be purchased or earned on the platform or traded on exchanges.

Show your appreciation, with a token

Matchpool uses Guppy tokens to incentivise matchmakers to correctly match members together. Guppy can also be used for any other kind of payment between members on the platform. Matchpool’s trusted algorithm rewards members Guppy tokens automatically across the platform for matches.


To raise enough money via crowdfunding to aid the development of the platform.

Reward New Users

A way to reward new users for joining the Matchpool platform.

Universal Measure

Provide a simple and universal measure of value across every pool.

Transfer Value

Facilitate opening pools, paying matchmakers, entry fees and more.


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